What Membership with CLASS Entitles You to

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As a CLASS member, you or your company would be entitled to a number of exclusive privileges:

– Distribution Payments

CLASS distributes royalty payments on a yearly basis, from the monies received from local licences and CLASS’ affiliated overseas RROs. Members whose works appear in the list of copied works will be entitled to receive royalty payment, subject to certain conditions. Non-members whose works have been listed will not be entitled to receive royalty payments. However, CLASS will invite non-members who have monies due to them to join CLASS as members.


Becoming a CLASS Member

Membership at CLASS is open to published authors and publishers.

CLASS seeks to protect the interests of copyright owners by acting as a middle-man between rights-owners and users of copyrighted material.

By becoming a CLASS member, copyright owners will have their rights protected through licence agreements that CLASS has with the educational institutions in Singapore. On top of that, members’ rights will also be protected abroad through the bilateral agreements that CLASS has with foreign reprographic rights organisations in many parts of the world, as well as through the international network that CLASS is a part of through our membership with IFRRO (International Federation of Reprographic Rights Organisations).



What’s the catch?

There is no catch. The good news about this is that membership with CLASS is free.

However, members will only receive royalty payments if their works have been found to be copied by CLASS’ licensees.

So why wait? Join CLASS as either an Author member or a Publisher member today!

If you are interested in becoming a CLASS member, as either an author or publisher member, please contact us at classy@singnet.com.sg , or call us on +65 6223 5521 for more information.

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